Alpha Emergency Medical Services

Alpha Ambulance Service LTD is a specialized 24hrs ambulance service catering for the needs of the people of Kenya, from the city centers to the most rural areas. There are several functions provided by Alpha Ambulance including;

Emergency Operations
Emergency Operations is the largest section of EMS where Medical emergencies are responded to and patients are treated in the pre-hospital field before being transported to hospital for further care through the utilisation of specialised vehicles, equipment and skilled paramedics.

Alpha Ambulance provides a rescue service which includes rescuing people who are entrapped in a motor vehicle after an accident to falling down a cliff. 4×4 rescue vehicles have been converted to carry specialised equipment, including the “jaws of life” and emergency lighting which is required to perform medical rescues. The weight and bulk of this equipment is taken into consideration when converting these vehicles.

These vehicles are not designed to transport patients but have medical equipment on board and are staffed by medical personal that have a medical and rescue qualification.

Basic Life Support (BLS)
These practitioners provide Basic Medical Care interventions to patients in Emergencies. This includes CPR, stopping of bleeding, helping women in labour and other non-invasive procedures.

Intermediate Life Support (ILS)
These practitioners provide Intermediate Medical Intervention including IV therapy (drips) Bronchodilators, Defibrillation (shock) chest decompression etc.

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