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Alpha Ambulance Service is one of the few private providers of emergency medical service providers in Kenya. It has grown its on-ground ambulance fleet to include advanced ambulances, which are fitted with mechanically operated ventilators compared to other providers that only have basic life support ambulances.

The ambulances have also been modified to be used by people with special needs. Apart from facilities provided by the government and the Red Cross, the market has few licensed private sector operators providing EMS services in the country.

Alpha Ambulance’s ISO certification gives it an edge in the market especially while serving institutional clients.

Alpha Ambulance

is now the leading private provider of emergency medical services and pre-hospital care in Kenya and it has provided ambulance services to about 40,000 patients – with the majority of these patients come from poor socio-economic backgrounds.

Alpha Ambulance has also since grown to provide quality and decent employment opportunities to about 10 permanent and contractual employees.

Alpha Ambulance has a central dispatch call center in Nairobi, which has five staff that work full time.

Once a call is received, the dispatch team dispatches an ambulance depending on the location of the caller, availability of ambulances and the severity of the case.
Payment for service is made after ambulance services have been rendered but the cost is cross- subsidised by other revenue streams.
This is in line with Alpha Ambulance’s social objective to still serve low-income customers, while remaining sustainable.
Over 4,000 24/7 ambulance rides are made in a year.

Remote emergency care services: The remote emergency care services are offered to B2B clients especially multinational corporations (MNCs). Alpha Ambulance enters into contractual agreements with these organizations to provide ambulances services for their employees.
The ambulances are stationed at the premises of the client in case of any emergency. The company has set aside 2 advanced life support ambulances for this purpose.

Alpha Ambulance pays for the accommodation and food expenses for its staff, who are stationed at the MNC’s premises. Under this service offering, the company incorporates other services (auxiliary revenue) depending on the need of the client. These include providing a) “Peace of mind services” – this is given to clients’ personnel who live in and around Nairobi to ensure fast and reliable response time to meet any emergency needs.

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