Medical Ambulance Service with A Difference

We offer the best mobile medical services in Nairobi Kenya for local and international patients, with a standard you can trust.

We provide the highest quality in all medical evacuation and security services to our clients in a manner consistent with our core values.

The vision of our organization is to be the safest and most efficient provider of all medical services. We strive to provide the highest quality service adopting the most efficient and effective strategies.

We are medical ambulance services, your number one option for urgent Medical needs anywhere in Kenya. What happens when you are in urgent need of medical attention anywhere in Kenya? It could be an accident, an emergency, or it could be anything else. Do you try to make it to the hospital despite the terrible traffic that Nairobi, Kenya boasts or do you choose the smart choice and contact Alpha Ambulance Service Limited?

We offer ground ambulance services everywhere within Nairobi and other counties in Kenya.

Using modern equipment, trackers, and GPS, our respondents can map out the best routes to be taken to offer the patient first aid services, stabilize the patient, and convey to the hospital for further medical treatment.

Medical Ambulance Services works with expert drivers that are able to reach you irrespective of the time of your call. Our services are available 24 hours a day and every day of the week to give speedy responses to your emergency calls.


1. Medically equipped vehicles
At Alpha Ambulance Services, our vehicles are all designed and enhanced to function as ambulances. Our automobiles are equipped with up top quality and up-to-date medical equipment. This allows our medical professionals to provide urgent and quality medical services. Each our of automobiles is fully stocked and equipped to answer distress calls.

2. Professional Drivers
At Alpha Ambulance Services, we make use of only the best drivers that are capable of picking up and conveying our patients to the hospital without aggravating or worsening the issue.

3. Always available
Our medical services are available round the clock. Our lines are fully active at anytime of the day. Similarly, we have multiple lines available to give you various channels to reach us.

4. Trained Operators
When a call is made to us, we understand the emotions and experiences that both the caller and patient are going through. Due to this, our lines are managed by medically literate and professional operators who are not only trained to manage situation, but also give calming responses. They are capable of giving you advice and can stay on the line with you pending the time that the ambulance reaches you.

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