We are ALPHA

In good care

In emergency situations, Alpha ambulance can be the first important step in your contact with medical services in Kenya. The requirements for us to make the correct assessments and provide the right care are very high. Our goal is for the patient’s needs to guide our work on each individual occasion.

We have skilled employees with access to advanced medical equipment and we conduct successful research, education, and development.

Those of us who work at Alpha do our best to live up to the expectations of patients and relatives so that they feel safe in our care.

Our ambulance stations and our staff

The work at the ambulance stations takes place around the clock, all year round, and we carry out assignments throughout the region. The work is led by a station manager along with deputy station managers.

The ambulance employs a nurse and an assistant nurse who both have specialist training. The ambulance has advanced equipment so that our employees can make accurate assessments and provide the right care both inside and outside of the ambulance as well as on the way to the hospital.

Transport of the deceased

We make sure that everyone involved, such as relatives, health service staff, and the general public, are assured that the deceased is cared for and moved in a safe and reverent manner. It is an important task to which we attach great importance to an ethical and professional approach.

Continuous improvement

Alpha works continuously to improve our working methods so that you receive safe, quality healthcare. To ensure quality healthcare, we follow up, evaluate, and improve quality and patient safety.
Systematic improvement work and ISO certifications are the basis of our daily work.

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