Alpha Ambulance Service

About Us

The company was incorporated in 2020 in Nairobi, Kenya under the companies act as a Private
limited company.

Alpha Ambulance services was established to respond to the challenge of poor accessibility to
healthcare and health centres in the region.

Starting out as a pre-hospital care giver, Alpha Ambulance Services has continued to offer emergency ambulance transfers, hospital to hospital transfers and events standby.

We aim to redefine the face of healthcare in Kenya, steered by professionalism, guided by truth,
based on a foundation of excellent services and commitment to empathetic patient care.

Contact information
Alpha Ambulance Services
Hotlines : 07 11 475 475 / 07 15 000 333

We take pride in our ambulance fleet and we offer Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support ambulances based on corporate contracts and for general clientele. We are operational 24/7 including public holidays and we work in association with other ambulance service providers within and outside Nairobi to ensure prompt and high quality service delivery.

Please call our emergency number 0715 000 333 / 0711 475 475 in Nairobi.

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